Road construction on La Palma

As an outsider you may attribute the duration of the road construction here on La Palma to mentality, lack of training and attitude, forgetting that the topography and the relief of the island with the numerous canyons (barrancos), as well as the long routes to the island and from there to the construction sites were decisive for the sometimes very long construction times for the roads.

Factors such as extreme sunlight during the day and relatively low night temperatures and the resulting differences in the surface temperature on the streets destroying the paved roads more than the traffic. So it is not surprising that only can be repaired.

For the development of the road network, the development of La Palma was responsible as a plantation site by the English companies such as Fyffes. The ships could be supplied faster from the 1920s with the help of trucks and individual Palmeros got so rich by the trade that they could afford cars.




First general plan for the construction of three roads

 1. Santa Cruz de La Palma via Breña Alta to Fuencaliente,

 2. Fuencaliente via Los Llanos to Tazacorte,

 3. Santa Cruz de La Palma via Puntallana to San Andrés


Start to construct the road between Santa Cruz and Los Llanos via Fuencaliente.


First plan of an island road from Santa Cruz to the north and from there to Los Llanos


Completion of the first 7 km from Santa Cruz de La Palma to the junction for Cruce de la Concépcion (Buenavista).


9-17: Introduction of the license and driving license obligation by the queen María Christina, costs 15 pesetas for a stamped stamp with 2 pesetas


6-13: First regular bus service between Santa Cruz de La Palma and Mazo with a Commer bus, 35 hp and 24 seats


Completion of the road between Santa Cruz and Los Llanos via Fuencaliente


8-7t: Start of bus service between Santa Cruz and Los Llanos


July: regular bus service between Santa Cruz de la Palma and Los Llanos

August: Postbus between Santa Cruz de la Palma and Los Llanos


24.2 .: First sales display from a dealer in Santa Cruz de La Palma for a Ford T, which can also drive on bad roads and steep.


26.4 .: First advertisement for a Ford Landaulet Torpedo T appears in the newspaper el Nudo


First advertising of automotive accessories (Motorol engine oil) appears in the newspaper El Cinchorro


First traffic rules


First registered truck in Argual


5.9 .: First special offer for a Ford T; Price 3850 pesetas instead of 4300 pesetas in 1912. Plus: spare parts in stock and through the modular system from Ford guaranted cheap reparation costs.


First registered car on La Palma (Family Sotomayor in Argual, Los Llanos)


First fuel rationing during the 1st World War on 900 liters between Santa Cruz and Los Llanos


7-31: First fatal road accident on La Palma in the municipality of San Pedro

Registrated vehicules in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife until 1920