Hello and welcome on the first homepage of La Palma´s vintage-cars!


What first started as a cards game in 2012, planned as a book in 2013, is now a homepage, on which some pictures  are uploaded almost every day. This homepage is a documantary like "Buena Vista Social Club" to preserve the automotive heritage of La Palma.


Martin Ripsam



Cards game


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This section describes the system, how cars are getting a vintage car in Spain and how the registration system works.


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Learn more about the two vintage car clubs on La Palma!

The historical facts concern the beginning of the motorization and the construction of all the requiered infrastructures on this island.








Here you can find some rare brands cruising around La Palma.

La Palma is the steepest island in the world and actually not suitable for motorcycles. Nevertheless, there are some old motorcycles.


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